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We are available to take your calls and online appointments.

JT Paralegal Services Ltd offers legal services  support to the general public, companies, businesses and organisations  in London and throughout  the  United Kingdom. 

Why we are the best?

We provide the support that is likely needed to the general public, companies, businesses and organisations in their every day legal tasks both in the private and public sector, such as legal research, legal drafting, amending legal documents, creating court/matter bundle,filing and issuing  documents  at court, proof  reading  of documents, note taking, filling out forms such as applications  and any other task  related  there to.

We are providing our services at a reasonable  rate both to individuals, companies, businesses and  organisations.          

Why Choose Us?

We are a professional  legal services support provider who can be  reliable  in all your legal tasks, from simple to complex.  We are excellent in the work we perform for our clients.  This  has already  been  demonstrated  by the services  we have provided to some of our clients.

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